The Philippines is an archipelago of islands bound together by language, culture, history, southeast of China,north of New Zealand and Australia. There are over a hundred million people who live here and over seven thousand islands. Tagalog and English are taught in schools but there are eight different dialects spoken in the country.

Where there is electricity there are modern necessities like washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves. Where electric poles and wires have not been strung, people do without, grow food and build homes out of coconut trees and bamboo.

After a four hour flight from Denver to Detroit, a twelve hour flight from Detroit back over Colorado and Alaska to Tokyo, a five hour flight from Tokyo to Manilla, there is still more to go. It is ten at night and there is still a three and a half hour bus ride to a port, then a three hour boat ride to Marinduque. 

Sleeping on white plastic deck chairs, it is early morning when our boat docks.

Riding inside a cab welded to a motorcycle, roads are narrow and I’m getting bumped like a peanut in a shell kicked down a big hill.. Too tired to take pictures, it is going to take a twelve hour nap to catch up.

Mogpog is going to be home for two weeks.

Having a friend, Alma, who lives here makes this trip easier.

This seventh travel ring is just slipping on my finger and hope for a good trip is always traveling with me.



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