At step 6 of my turista bus tour, I get off a block from the Montevideo Botanical Gardens and walk the rest of the way. 

This Garden is divided into different areas of the world. You have the Africa walk, the Japan walk, the Uruguay walk. I am imagining I will see a great variety of exotic plants, trees and aquatic environments from around the globe. Flowers will be gorgeous, trees will have magnificent canopies, fountains will be filled with brightly colored fish. Sadly,I just find generic trees and bushes by the sides of the walks that are announced with faded signs telling the scientific names of the greenery. The fountains just have plain goldfish and carp.

These Gardens are a botanical representation of Uruguay itself.

Uruguay is not tropical. It is rolling hills with grasslands. The animals and flowers don’t call attention to themselves. I wouldn’t call this park Botanical, or a Garden, but the experience is certainly a pleasant afternoon stroll in the middle of a big big city on a spring day in November on a piece of land real estate developers salivate over.

For more spectacular natural wonders, I will have to go to Africa or New Zealand, or Iceland.

Uruguay is Kansas instead of Hawaii but I have room on my travel plate for both of them.

I keep my eye out for Dorothy and Toto.

When my surroundings are simple, my imagination rallies to connect the dots.






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