Basil’s is a new restaurant in an old restaurant’s body.

Bars and restaurants change hands weekly in San Pedro Town.

The competition here is fierce and Jeremy and staff stand in the street flagging down customers to promote their new business. This is a family affair and the chef, last night, made me a special grilled chicken plate with baked potato and veggies because I didn’t want Italian.

This photo is of a Belize Mexican breakfast with scrambled eggs, tortillas, fruit, beans, and bottled water.

According to a condo salesman at Mahogany Bay Village, there are only 25,000 tourists visiting San Pedro Town in a season and when you spread those between all the food and drink opportunities it makes it difficult for a business to grow old and content and self satisfied.

There are lots of dining opportunities in San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye but I support small family capitalism.

Small fish make the reef colorful, dynamic, and individual..

Despite Jeremy’s energy, I’m not sure they will make it.

The best thing about the human spirit is resilience.

If Jeremy wouldn’t have flagged me down I never would have stopped.






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