The Catholic church has monuments throughout the America’s.

In most towns, small and large, they have constructed huge buildings with thick walls, tall doorways, stained glass windows and statues of saints on pedestals inside and around the perimeter of the sanctuaries. There has been much said about the Catholic scorched earth policy against indigenous peoples but that is history and history can only be re-written, not re-lived. In the center of Mazatlan, this church welcomes visitors and locals alike.

Its interior is imperial and at the front entry is a statue of crucified Christ with blood flowing from nails in his feet and hands, a thorn wreath around his head. Parishioners are standing or kneeling inside and I don’t take a photo for fear of upsetting spiritual moments with rude tourist behavior.

Outside, at the top of a set of steps, is another side of Jesus, clothed, with outstretched arms, looking upwards, dominating the plaza .

Barely visible, until you look close, are the tips of wires protruding from the tops of his shoulders and out of His head. They are sharp and close enough to leave no room for birds to roost. From the base of the thin wires are small rivers of rust that run down like blood and stain the white robe.

The Catholic church has declared war on pigeons too.



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