At night, when it is cool, Santo Domingo neighborhood people, in the Colonial District, congregate in front of the local mini market and watch sports on a big screen television.

This group of grown men and women, on the closest corner to the the LaPuerta Roja Guesthouse, are watching an American basketball game on television this evening. Some grown men are on their cell phones, others are talking about something other than the game, the rest are watching equally grown men in under- shorts running up and down a court, tossing a ball into a basket, and getting paid millions.

Anything that gets people out of their house and visiting their neighbors can’t be all bad.

Sports and competition run deep within all cultures.

We all like to be entertained and mildly challenged.

When things get too serious and/or too hard, many take their ball and go home.

Spectator sports is one of the world’s biggest enjoyments.





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