On a Montevideo city bus headed for Ciudad Vieja, Christmas decorations catch my eye. I get off the bus to look.

This Plaza is not far from Independence Plaza. Today, there are spectators lounging on benches, not in any hurry to move down to Independence Plaza and face the huge imposing statue of General Artigas surrounded by government offices and fancy hotels.

This plaza belongs in Alice in Wonderland.

There is a funny looking Christmas tree that is so perfect it is not perfect. There are three pink flamingos in a pond that has nothing to do with Christmas but adds the right color. There is a balloon astronaut five feet above the ground. There is an airplane and little butterflies. A fountain that was dormant has been filled with water .

The most satisfying Christmas depiction is three wise men on camels. There are some who doubt there is even one wise man in this world, but, that is too harsh. There may be as many as ten.

I sit on one of the benches and wait for the wise men to say something profound. They don’t say a word, and that, to me, is as profound a statement as you can not make.



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