There is no question that my idea of cooking is to go to the deli or utilize take-out. There is no question I like to eat. There is no question brother Alan creates great meals and never has to dine out to eat like a King.

My last night in Texas, the two of us, and Cousin Jim, have a pork chop dinner and talk about life, what is happening to the world, and how Jim’s wife Sondra is doing.

She has battled Alzheimer’s and it is not a battle that anyone wins. We visited hospice this afternoon and she was thin, her hair grown back from an operation to alleviate swelling in her brain.

I am not sure she recognized me but Alan gave her a big hug and she smiled.

Food is part of our lives and this evening dinner makes us all feel a little better in an uncertain world with unfair and unpleasant events.



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