Independence is a goal many countries have waged a war to achieve, and keep.

The three men’s names engraved into marble at this commemorative site are Sanchez, Duarte and Mella.

Duarte was a writer, activist,poet, military man and liberal politician who was one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic, and, most interestingly, from Venezuela. Sanchez was a politician, national hero and founding father who helped lead the 1844 War of Independence from Spain. Mella is another national hero who joins Duarte and Sanchez as the most important figures in this countries fight for its freedom.

It is odd that after so many wars for independence, modern globalists want us to go back to our colonial days where a handful of elites controlled the entire world, it’s people and resources.

Freedom comes with struggle and keeping it means us commoners have to want it to fight to keep it.

Independence won is a good thing to hold close to you.




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