Sleep consumes one third of our lives.

For some, sleep comes natural.

For others, sleep is problematic, with starts and stops, getting up in the middle of the night, tolerating a spouse’s snoring, burying your head under pillows as your mind races.

This month a sleep study comes and Scott is wired, taped,given directions, dozes in a bed in a medical facility. Scott has no security blanket or Teddy Bear but creeps into bed around nine in the evening and crawls out around seven in the morning.

What Scott remembers is being awoken three times during the night while Yvonne, a sleep nurse, turns on the light, enters the room, and adjusts a tube that runs into his nostrils that lets staff measure how much he breathes through his nose. 

Later this month, there will be a meeting with a certified Doctor of Sleep who will have studied my sleep video, compared me with others, and will arrive at a diagnosis and a plan for remediation.

The outcome will probably be that Scott is old, and normal.

This sleep study is informative.

I learn that if i want to sleep I shouldn’t go near a sleep clinic.


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