Many countries down the road after Uruguay,my first official travel adventure as a blogger, Scotttreks is still running into telephone pole rat’s nests.

There have been power outages here in the last two weeks but people here go about life and the power comes back when it is ready. 

Poles in Mogpog are overloaded with electric lines.The lines come from all directions as businesses start, households expand, washers, dryers, televisions, come to town and drink electricity like camels in the Sahara desert.

In Mogpog, life, without electricity, is a nuisance.

In New York City or Los Angeles or Manilla or Tokyo, life, without electricity, is a crisis with end of the world implications.

When you realize lights aren’t coming back on, what are you going to do next, in the dark?

Do you think the government is going to be there for you?

Do you have someone that will hold you close till the lights come back on, if they come back on?

For most of this world’s history, the only lights have been the sun and the stars.


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