The Museum is at the intersection of Calle Larga and Huayna-Capac streets.

It is open during the week and includes a museum, theater, Inca ruins and a beautiful park. There is no charge but when you sign in you are asked to provide your Passport which I don’t have with me. The man at the desk could make an issue but doesn’t, and I am grateful he lets me through the turnstile to see the exhibits.

One of the exhibits on the first floor is a how to on Ecuador pottery making.

On a wall map is a square drawn around Cuenca, and within that square are small Ecuadorian towns that still make pottery in the old way.

There are photos of artisans digging clay out of banks, straining and filtering it to get rid of impurities, kneading it with their feet, and finally hand creating utilitarian and artistic pots. There is a video in this exhibit that shows various techniques for firing clay in home made kilns kept ablaze with eucalyptus branches.

Small communities, in contemporary Ecuador, also do basket making,leather work, art, jewelry, and fine embroidery.

Hand crafted objects last a long time but nothing takes longer to make than a good human being.

A society that makes good human beings is worth all the respect we can give it.





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