” Nothing Fancy” is the name of this bluegrass band.

This is a good name for a band because we didn’t just drive hundreds of miles to Westcliff  to listen to frills and trills and a lot of Mozart licks.

Nothing Fancy serves us meat and potatoes, fresh vegetables from pa’s garden, cornbread,plenty of sweet ice tea, and a big slice of rhubarb pie in their down home musical buffet this afternoon to start the concert rolling.

These boys are also slipping us a little bit of fancy too, whether we want it or not,  but we aren’t going home from this performance hungry.

Getting our spirits fed is one of the more compelling reasons we came to this Festival all the way from New Mexico.

Bluegrass music has plenty of fancy in it, but it doesn’t come out on stage until the right moment, and, even then, only for a few choruses.

This music came from houses with no plumbing, no electric, well water and wood heat.

Singing too fancy would be akin to committing musical fraud.






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