The Cemetario is a stop on city tours..

The graveyard is not far from the Historical District and holds sentiments and sediments of many Granada founders and significant citizens in its history.

It is quiet here, and should be. When people are interred they are supposed to stay that way, unless they are cast in horror flicks or zombie uprisings.

It is quiet, but, there is upkeep; cutting grass, spraying weeds, touching up headstones, getting fountains ready to open, moving dirt, tending to gravestones and markers, landscaping.

Christianity says when Christ comes back, the dead will rise to heaven and the unsaved will burn in torment.

The last time I saw dead come alive was at the end of the school year when summer vacation officially started for teachers, administrators, and students.

No one, on their way out, let the door hit them in the ass.



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