One of the more entertaining bands at the festival, playing numerous sets over the four days, is the Kody Norris Show, a favorite of Neal and his sons, Max and Weston.

The Kody Norris show features traditional bluegrass with some dancing, clowning around, comedy, and audience participation tossed in for dessert..

Wearing bright blue and red suits,their group musicianship is high and all spirits listening under the big tent are in fine shape at this performance.

Kody, who is soon to marry the group’s fiddle player, Mary Rachel, asks the audience for tips on making his imminent marriage successful.

One of the best audience suggestions is , ” She is always right. ”

Everyone laughs, when they hear this wisdom,except for the ladies. They all nod their heads in total agreement and give their husbands, boy friends and significant other’s stern looks. 

We catch the band several more times between Thursday and Sunday, and each performance is just a little bit different.

Another good tip for Kody, as a soon to be husband ,would be – don’t sing the same song too many times.


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