There are 15 bands at this bluegrass festival and sixty to seventy performers.

The performers gather in a small tent of their own, practicing, visiting, re-newing old friendships and making new ones, talking shop, telling jokes, calming nerves, rehearsing what they will do when they get on stage. Musicians, like any occupation, share many of the same tools and techniques, and all have to deal with pressures of being on stage, entertaining, traveling, making a living. There are plenty of egos that need to be stroked, and multiple challenges to keeping groups together. 

People all over the planet, can be split into performers and non-performers. Some of us non performers are great cooks, some great counselors, some great parents, some politicians, pastors or politicians. Other non-performers, however, are gifted consumers who never see stuff they don’t think they need, who can’t fix anything, who invent nothing, who wouldn’t walk a block if they weren’t forced by external pressures.

Good musicians need good listeners, and, today, we all are working hard at being the good listeners these performers need. 

All of us are performers, at one time or another, but there are few in this audience that are going to stand on stage in front of thousands and play a tricky arpeggio run that makes his band mates smile.




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