Night in Mogpog is deathly quiet and much of the town has closed for the evening early.

Tonight, our diversion is shooting pool at Bernie and Elizabeth’s.

The tables are in okay shape for our kind of pool but some of the pool sticks have more bends than politicians at your last town hall meeting.

We still have to remember to chalk before we shoot ,and, if you miss your shot, you shake your head and have to wait your next turn when the other team misses their shot in the corner pocket. There are four of us playing eight ball and several games tonight are lost because of a scratched eight ball.  

On this night, Sonny Boy’s team wins and we call for a rematch.

If you get hungry you go through a door into the restaurant where you can eat lumpia, Indian curry, rice and vegetables, seafood or pork dishes,all washed down with a cold Red Lion beer.

This night, when we all walk home in the dark, our main obstacle is getting across a street intersection jack hammered out for road work.

On this night, we are all crazy pool balls on an uneven concrete table, with zero visibility, and one big corner pocket taunting us to try and make it across the road chasm.

On Marinduque, you take pleasures as they arrive, and the pleasures are not complicated.




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