According to Rabbit, retired bartender, bar owner, tourist industry survivor and raconteur, Ramon’s Village is one of the better values in San Pedro Town. If you are coming to Ambergris Caye for a week and want to have convenience, service, good food, security, access to the water, a good home base for your explorations,  nice accommodations, for a good price, Ramon’s is the place for you.

The resort burnt down several years ago and was rebuilt with work going twenty four seven. Ramon didn’t want to re- open but did anyway. His resort has an international flavor, and, unlike many lodgings on the island, is maintained by a full staff of worker bees.

Ramon’s is maybe not the best way to get to know the island, close up and personal, but lots of people visit San Pedro Town with no desire to move here and want the island to be accompaniment to their vacation instead of the melody.

Even Ramon himself, greeting breakfast diners, asks me this morning how I am doing?

I compliment his hotel and listen attentively.. 

Maintaining and managing a profitable business anywhere is worthy of respect.

He doesn’t tell me why he didn’t want to rebuild but his wife probably had her own ideas about him going fishing every day when there was money to be made.





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