The reflection of the clouds,on the lake’s surface,quiver like real clouds. The reflection of the forest’s trees, on the lake’s surface, reaches across the lake almost to the bank we are fishing from and also look real. 

 If I had a long enough arm, I could reach down and scoop up these clouds in the palm of my right hand and they would wiggle like the fishing earthworms we just dug up in a close by field.

I know the clouds and forest on the lake’s surface are reflections. The real clouds are in the sky and the real forest and pine trees cover the rugged mountain sides directly to the south of us, across Hermit’s Lake.

If my mind can be even temporarily fooled by nature’s slight of hand, how much more of what I see is a mirage, and how much don’t I see that is right there in front of me?

When scientists come up with better measuring sticks, we might start seeing the world as it really is, not fooled by its reflections, optical illusions, mirages, dark holes, and mirrors.

There will, on that day, as Jerry Lee Lewis sings in his rollicking rock and roll classics,be ” a whole lot of shaking going on.”



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