This computer store in San Pedro Town has Monday hours that show they should be open at 9:00 a.m.

When I arrive, at 9;15 a.m., to get help making memory on my I Phone by transferring photos to a memory stick , the sign on their front door says “closed .” 

San Pedro Town has most anything you need, but it takes patience to get it. A customer at the Chinese fast food place by the Bakery came in yesterday evening and lost a fuse when told it would be twenty minutes before he could get fried shrimp on brown rice.

” Why don’t you get the other fryer fixed ” he groused?

The Chinese woman shrugged her shoulders.

Getting upset gets you no where in San Pedro Town.

I  go back to the computer store after lunch. That gives them time to open, turn on power, make personal phone calls, and finish today what they didn’t do last week.

Working on patience is important.

Learning to wait for the coconut to drop makes more sense than climbing the tree to get it







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