In worn areas of most world mega-cities, there is street art, some commissioned, some spontaneous.

This art can occupy an entire wall like our sixteen foot lady. It can be part of a series of images on a parking lot wall like our two faced head. Street art has no pretensions. It doesn’t care about frames, security guards, tickets or reviews.

Street art is a delight. Street music is a delight.  Street food is delicious. Street people are full of edges and angles. Street talk is coarse and poetic.

Art and artists fight around the world to move into public places so the public can enjoy their muse. Gallery walls are too small, too exclusive.

What is sad is so few of these people walking and driving past pause and admire the images, touch them,or have arguments about them.

You can look at the art for free, as long as you want. You can linger. You can scratch your head. You can laugh at the boldness.

Why are some people too busy to look at what is in front of them?




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