This is my second trip to the Dayman termas but there are others in this province. About 80 km from Salto are the Termas of Arapey with five star hotels, water parks, restaurants, shopping, The Dayman termas are only a short bus ride out of Salto and the facilities here are not pretentious, These mineral baths bring tourists and money into the town throughout the year.

Leaving the termas and strolling the village, I think about vacation rentals, consider how it would be to own a place here to rent for income. I have seen people around the world doing this on small to large scales and making it work.

Near the back of the village I find a property that might suit these goals. This complex, as described by its large billboard in front, has the latest nuances and features its own hot pools, wi-fi, laundry room, patios and balconies, and security. It is not too large, but at 45 units there will be monthly fees and management costs.

Thinking further, I decide there has to be more than fishing and hot soaks to entice me to come back to Salto and a vacation rental somewhere else would probably bring me a better return on investment.

Investment dollars gained are not always worth the headaches and risk that come with it. Some investments make you money and some lose you money. People with money make a habit of being discriminating about what they do with it.

I keep my eyes open this afternoon for a good place to have lunch.

Hot soaks make me want to take a nap, but money thinking always makes me hungry.

Taking chances with money is harder to do the older you get.



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