Going into the hole you add pipe, coming out of the hole you take away pipe..

It is snowing but the drillers don’t stop. When you are drilling a mile down you don’t leave the hole open long. The Earth doesn’t tolerate straws dipped into its reservoir and can close its teeth with a snap. 

You drill, test, lay pipe and produce, or plug the hole.

Trying to hit a target you can’t see and can’t know the size of , covered by roller coaster layers of Earth 4000 plus feet down, is tough.

A fair number of wells are busts.

A few  are bonanzas.

Every project looks good before you drill it or we wouldn’t be out here freezing our tails off.

My brother Neal, at my request, always tells me, before we drill a well, about John Steinbeck’s ” rabbit in ” Of Mice and men. ”

Before each calculated gamble, on Neal’s skill and experience, I rub my stomach, like a big Buddha,for good luck.



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