There are waves twenty four seven.

With two thirds of the Earth covered by water, there are beaches and waves from top to bottom, east to west, around Earth’s big stomach, and even at its cold ears and distant toes. Some of the best waves are in small places no one has heard of.

Belize is my next wave.

It is a country in Central  America along the second biggest barrier reef in the world. In the Caribbean sea, there will be few big waves but surfers will take what they can get. Water will be turquoise and snorkeling I can see twenty feet to the bottom and mix it up with multi colored tropical fish.

These surfers ride real waves.

Stripped to basics, they float, wait for a wave they can hitch their wagon too.

There are dangers to every sport, but riding a wave as far as you can only makes you want to keep doing it.

Travel is one of my favorite waves.



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