Ancient Tulum was a special Mayan retreat.

Built where the jungle meets the Caribbean Sea, it was a showcase for Mayan rulers and a place they lived in luxury, a hub where the business of an empire co-existed with the spirit of that empire.

Tourists, these days, come to Tulum for surf, sand, suntans, healing arts, meditation, yoga, sightseeing, family bonding. They shop in fancy boutiques, dine in five star restaurants, dance the night away, build sand castles, wind surf,get massages, go fishing or vegetate in hammocks reading spy thrillers.

 ” Welcome to Mexico ” – this sign proclaims, mounted on a bicycle in front of a Main Street shop.

In the Yucatan summer, temperatures rise to the nineties and humidity does likewise. In the winter, now, everything is tranquillo and it is the best time of the year to be down here.

At night I hear waves through an open window and cool night air makes me pull my light blanket up. My room, not much bigger than a closet, with a shared bathroom outside the door, down the front porch, then a right turn, is a find in the middle of this busy tourist season.

This is Corona country and it puts Mexico’s best face out front of the parade.

Mexico is Joan’s idea and I’m tagging along on this one.

Invitations should always to be considered closely and this was good enough to pull me out of my Southwest deserts and back to the beaches of Mexico. I was in Tulum with family some thirty years ago, liked it then and hope to like it this time. 

In the winter, Scott nearly always follows the birds south, and following family and friends is not unusual.



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