Scott’s Adventures in Philippines

Morning Walk Nothing but nature

  March, April, May, rains slow, typhoons bedevil other shores, sunshine beats down on the coconut canopy. The first few days in a new place are like a detective looking for clues. The traveler looks for local places, people, events that put it in perspective. Is it...

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Flight Tracker Tokyo to Minnesota

On the back of airplane seats, in front of you, is an entertainment console with music, movies, diversions.. If you hit a flight tracker button, you can see the path of your flight in midair, wind speed, plane speed, miles traveled, miles to go. Checking the flight...

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Escalator Selfie Haneda Airport, Japan

This tunnel is well lit. Some tunnels are rabbit holes, some filled with pack rat vaults. Some tunnels are underground, dark and womb like, leading to gold and silver leprecaun caches. Some tunnels are constructed with giant boring machines, go under seas and through...

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Cooking on a hot stone Haneda Airport, Japan

  " Watch out for the stone, " the chef says, as he slides my meal across the counter. " It is very hot. " I take my tray and look at the stone, look at the meat. The hot stone is used to cook slices of steak, as I like them. By placing each slice on the hot stone, I...

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Tokyo Train Narita Airport to Haneda Airport - Japan

There were trains before planes. The first trains were big, lumbering, uncomfortable, dark,slow, and were powered by men shoveling coal to heat water and using steam to turn gears and wheels. Train tracks were wide and it took the help of thousands of Chinese...

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Marinduque to Manilla return boat ride

The nautical miles click by and Marinduque disappears. The Philippines move into memories, that funky place where facts get forgotten, emotions get heightened, truth gets obscured, and we turn experiences into what we want them to be instead of what they really were....

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Faces Mogpog, Philipines

There are billions of faces on this planet and it is said that somewhere on the planet there is someone that looks exactly like you. This trip is hundreds of faces spread through two weeks. Faces of all ages, sizes, sexes, dispositions.The faces come at you each day....

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Gwen graduates – Video Kindergarden ceremony

On this day, Gwen graduates from kindergarten at a local community center. It takes some urging to go on stage with her aunt April, but she walks on and is recognized.There are recitations by some of the kids, comments by teacher's and invited guests, a small lunch...

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Albert and Bella playing on the front porch

Albert and Bella are two of five dogs at the house. There are also two cats plus a new Kitty who joined the wrecking crew last night, abandoned in the road and following us home. Next morning it is curled up against one of the dogs on the front step, unaware that cats...

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Cat and Birds just out of reach

These two parakeets are new to the front porch. The two birds and cage were a thousand pesos, about $20.00. The two of them sing, preen, watch the world from their small enclosure.They are confined, but they are safe. Sitting below is one of Alma's cats, looking up,...

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Cock Fights – Video to the end

Excitement builds during the week . As Sunday afternoon grows close, the roosters crowing takes on more urgency. On Sunday afternoons, a stadium in a local neighborhood opens for business and men pay for permits to fight their birds. A cage in the middle of the...

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Cock Fights Sunday afternoon

Each week, cock fights happen. Men of all ages bring their favorite fighting roosters to this stadium, pay a fee to enter, and put their rooster and their reputation on the line. These battles are to the death, and, to ensure that, roosters have a finger long barbed...

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