Fish Stories

Fishing by the Napolitano Casino Fishermen rise early

Before seven in the morning, a kid passes me on his bicycle, carrying a five gallon plastic bucket, with bait and tackle inside, and a fishing pole resting on his handlebars. When the kid, who just whizzes past me, makes a left turn towards the water, a block further...

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Fish Eye View At the Aquarium

  When fish glance up, they see the bottoms of leaves, insects touching the river's back, white ripples where water hits obstacles that splits its flow.  In this underground observation area, us desert rats gawk at sharks, rays and groupers,cruising. They...

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Three Jelly fish Albuquerque Biopark

  Fish are streamlined for propulsion. Their bodies create little friction between them and the water that supports them. Light filters down from the water's surface where we watch them take graceful turns around their tank's curves. In another tank, jelly fish...

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Up a Creek Currie Ranch

The creek is in better shape today than fifty years ago.  Then, creek banks were crowded with brush. Now, you can stand on the bank and easily cast your tackle. There are still cat tails in the creek but they are controlled by a local wildlife biologist for a...

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Net fishing – Video catching dinner

At dinnertime, a pelican begins his dive. He circles his target, turns himself into a projectile by tucking his wings to his body,and disappears head first into the surf. When he comes back to the water's surface, he shakes his wings and recomposes, a fish struggling...

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Fish Tacos Best on Earth

Tulum has two faces. There is the Hotel Zone which is a strip of bars, restaurants, hotels, retail shops along the main road running along the beach all the way south to a biosphere nature preserve called Sian Kian. Then there is the Mexican town of Tulum where locals...

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Laguna de Apoyo between Managua and Granada

This Lagoon was formed 23,000 years ago after an explosion on one on Mombacho's bad hair days. It is fed by a number of surface and underground water sources and is one of the first Nature Preserves created in Nicaragua to preserve the country's natural landscape. In...

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Pompano’s and Whitey’s surf fishing on South Padre

  " Some days you do better in the boat and some days better on the beach, " the fisherman in coveralls tells us as he opens his cooler and shows us his Pompanos and Whiteys, game fish in this part of the Gulf of Mexico. The bottom of his cooler has five or six...

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Seagull Charley Morning on South Padre Island Beach

Seagull Charley doesn't come when you call his name. Without a fish for Charley, he ain't going anywhere and won't push tennis balls with his beak or do circus tricks. You can train most anything to work for food and attention but this morning Charley strolls the...

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Fact and Fiction South Padre Island, Texas

  South Padre Island is accessible from Texas highway 100 via the Queen Isabella Bridge that connects Port Isabel, Texas on one end and South Padre Island on the other. When you hit the beaches there you have miles and miles to walk and mornings men and women...

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River Watching Rio Tomebamba - Cuenca, Ecuador

Our dad liked fishing. His dad liked fishing. So, sons and grandsons like fishing too. The Rio Tomebamba bubbles up memories of trout streams in New Mexico, the Pecos and Jemez in particular. It also reminds me of the Conejos River in southern Colorado, or the Gila...

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Fishing from the pier in San Pedro Town Didn't catch a thing

This pier is at the end of the Perla Escondita Condos. With tomorrows departure looming, I find my Yo Yo, a bag of frozen shrimp, hooks and swivels and weights. It takes a minute to figure out how to cast. You unravel your line in little loops on the deck, gently pick...

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