Scott’s Adventures in Uruguay

Lunch Talk Over the Andes Man on a medical mission

Even though airline food is made for a small eater, in a miniature container with small utensils,it is appreciated. The passenger next to me feels like talking and listening costs me nothing. One pleasure of travel is meeting other people who are travelling too. Some...

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Hotel Talk/ Ramon Massini Suites/ Pocitos A typical day

Tourist days come in all kinds of packages. You are sleeping in strange rooms, surrounded by people you don't know, eating food on the go that your stomach doesn't recognize. There is television in a different language, obsessing with schedules, making connections,...

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Ciudad Vieja Reunion Old sights

Ciudad Vieja was not the very beginning of this Uruguay trip, but it was close. It feels right to return to familiar landmarks, talk to some of the people I first met when I landed in Montevideo. This day I revisit Jesper and Olenthe, Maria, and Gabrielle at the Urban...

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Fabini Plaza Christmas Spirit Xmas is nearing

On a Montevideo city bus headed back to Ciudad Vieja, Christmas decorations catch my eye. I get off the bus to look at them closer. This Plaza is not far from Independence Plaza. Today, there are spectators lounging on benches, not in any hurry to move down to...

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Peanut Butter/Uruguay Peanut butter hunt in Uruguay

One might think getting peanut butter in Uruguay is easy. When your taste buds get the best of you, it becomes a scavenger hunt to satisfy your suddenly nostalgic taste buds. The only place I have found peanut butter in Montevideo has been at the Frog, a small...

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Pocitos Diner/ 1950’s Remembered The bill nailed down

Pocitos doesn't awake until ten in the morning. My first time past the little diner on the corner, a block from the beach, the sign in the window says Cerrado. Doubling back, Albierto is now in its place. A plaque on the exterior says this establishment, in one form...

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Potty Training/Bidet Bidet is here to stay

Many accommodations I have stayed in here have had a bidet. You see them in other countries, but I never remember seeing as many as there are in Uruguay.  There have been issues. In bathrooms, bidets occupy the spot closest to the shower. The toilet is...

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Bus Home from the Termas The team is two

City buses in Uruguay feature a team. There is a driver who keeps the bus on the road, makes stops, stays out of accidents, and gets people on and off the transport safely. There is a conductor who collects fares, checks passes, smooths feelings, answers questions,...

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A Fish Story/Rio Uruguay They don't all get away

The early bird gets the worm, and, the early fisherman gets the fish. One of the activities popular around Salto, according to TripAdvisor, is Dorado fishing. One of the guides that receives the best write ups is Gianni Juncal, who speaks English. All the reviews...

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