Scott’s Adventures in Nicaragua

Goodbye Granada October 1 , 2016

At night, streets in Granada take a different character. Familiar places look different and different places become familiar. Granada is about to become past tense, about to become another disappearing city in the rear view mirror. Nicaragua is still developing, still...

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Old Bones Statues, Palms, Crosses and Upkeep

The Cemetario, oddly, is a stop on most tourist city tours.. This city graveyard is not far from the Granada Historical District and holds sentiments and sediments of many Granada founders and significant citizens in its history. It is quiet inside the front gates...

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Nicaragua Primitive Art Solentiname

There are only three countries in the world that have a primitive art movement. One is in Haiti, another is in Yugoslavia, the last is in Nicaragua. In the southern part of Nicaragua are a group of 26 islands in a province called Solentiname. A Catholic priest...

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Nicaragua History Baby Steps

In the San Francisco Convent Museo are a series of paintings that chronicle Nicaraguan history. The paintings start with aboriginal peoples who first inhabit lands before they are claimed by anyone but God. Then paintings move, in  book style, through discovery...

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Ann’s Studio In the Cafe De Arte

Ann's art studio is also a gallery, a meeting place, a classroom, a resource of information, a great place to pick up a brush if you have an itch. Studios, as opposed to galleries, are works in process. There are finished and unfinished compositions on the walls,...

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Swindlers Calzada Street

Calzada Street begins at the Granada Cathedral and ends at Lake Nicaragua. This street has become a main tourist draw and has everything a tourist might want, and plenty they don't need. In the stretch down both sides of Calzada Street you have bars, restaurants,...

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Colonial Homes Granada Old and New

The Historical District is deceptive. You walk narrow streets and narrow sidewalks. You meet massive walls and sturdy doors, wrought iron, steel gates. When you peek through cracked doors, or open windows, you see glimpses of cozy interiors, plants, fountains,...

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Jamaica Tea at Cafe de Arte

I have never been to Jamaica, but sometimes you have to go to Nicaragua to experience Jamaica. This tea, served cold or hot, is made from flower pedals of the hibiscus. It is a deep magenta color and tastes a bit like grapes or wine without the alcohol. It is also...

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Maria Elena Panaderia coffee and doughnuts

Panaderia's are common here and this is one that has American style doughnuts and fresh ground Nicaraguan coffee. This morning they are doing a brisk business making and selling cakes for birthdays and weddings.. At the counter, you can buy fresh bread, cookies,...

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Vegetable Barley Soup at El Garaje Restaurant

When you ask locals where the best places to dine are, in Granada, El Garaje restaurant is one of the first to be mentioned. The first time I walked past the place, it didn't register as important. It was closed then because of an electrical outage but the proprietor...

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Generations out for a ride

  In Granada, streets have horses, wagons, carts and carriages.. Horses and carriages carry tourists on tours of the city and the usual place to match up is in front of the Hotel Alhambra at the Parque Central. Horses and carts are also working today, hauling...

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Playing with mud Historical District- Granada

There was a time in the 1960's when urban renewal in the United States was all the craze. Urban renewal caused structures that had been built hundreds of years ago to be razed, and, in their place, modern buildings went up with modern materials and modern ideas about...

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