All Smiles 206 bones

Waiting for the Doctor, after a nurse has checked my oxygen levels, put me on a scale, written down my issues on her note pad, the examining room is as basic as the intake procedure. There are some Q tips in a little jar next to the sink. There is an examination table...

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Tiny House Southfork, Colorado

Colorado is one of the leading states in the tiny house movement in the United States.This state has over 20 builders who have built tiny houses, has an annual  Colorado Tiny House Festival in Brighton, and a Colorado Tiny House Association that advocates for the...

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Seeing and Believing Reflections on a lake

The reflection of the clouds,on the lake's surface,quiver like real clouds. The reflection of the forest's trees, on the lake's surface, reaches across the lake almost to the bank we are fishing from and also look real.   If I had a long enough arm, I could...

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You can sleep when you are dead coffee sign deja vu

The last time I saw this sign was in Montevideo, Uruguay at the Ramon Massini Hotel/Suites. That sign was in the lobby near a coffee machine operated with tokens you bought from the front desk. This afternoon I see the same sign at Candy's Coffee in Westcliff,...

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Cow Talk Sundown

County road 40 takes us from the highway that continues to Westcliff, Colorado directly to the Alvarado Campground in the nearby Sangre de Cristo mountains. The Pike and San Isabel National Forests is where we are camping for the annual  Mountain Hay Fever...

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Jones Theater Established 1936

In 1936, television wasn't even someone's dream. In 1936, families and kids brought their dimes to this theater, looked at the marque, found seats in what now are uncomfortable chairs, and watched westerns and newsreels from around a world just coming out of a Great...

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Holding up the World Angels, golf balls and the World

Cherub's are winged angelic beings who attend to God. In traditional Christian angelology they are angels of the second highest order of the nine fold celestial hierarchy. It is difficult to know which task is the most difficult for this angel - holding up the world...

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Love Machine Squeeze the Handle

  In the lobby of the Albuquerque County Line Barbecue, there is a special love machine for testing your love potentials. This " Love Machine " costs a quarter for its diagnosis, and, for your quarter, you can see how you measure up on the love chart by putting...

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Lucky Chair Horseshoes for luck

Under the " Home of the Big Rib " rib, as you walk towards one of several back dining rooms at the County Line Barbecue, is a lucky chair. We all have our favorite chairs. Yours might be an old recliner that you found on the sidewalk with a ' Take Me " sign pinned to...

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Heckle and Jeckle Talking over the watercooler

https://youtu.be/TZfMGEEjLEU   These two questionable birds remind me of cartoon characters us kids watched on black and white television in the 1950's, most often perched on a tree limb talking about crazy humans. They were, as they appear here, angular,...

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