Scott’s Adventures in Mexico

Mariachi Cancun Airport

Trumpets are not quiet instruments. In the Cancun Airport, Terminal Three, a trumpet and guitars serenade travelers arriving and departing from Mexico. The terminal is full of duty free shops, and, if you didn't pick up gifts before, this is your last tax free...

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Yoga Time searching for peace

Yoga studios are prevalent in Tulum. At nine sharp, practitioners dress in loose fitting clothes, clutch their orange or green mats, make their way into the yoga studio and begin exercises with a background of soothing music and the reassuring voice of a Yoga master...

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Main Street Tulum

Most villages, towns and cities, small or large, old or new, have a Main Street. Main streets have shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, government compounds. Some have divided boulevards for traffic, bike paths, sidewalks for pedestrians. Main streets are where towns...

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Taking our order – Video waiter's office

Across the road from the Hemingway Romantic Eco-Cottages is an open air bar with picnic tables covered by Mexican tablecloths, salt and pepper shakers made with small Corona bottles, pithy signs and a cooking area where a chef makes tacos, a specialty of the house....

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Playing in the Sand Sandman

There are sand creations on beaches. They start as an idea, then move past idea to become reality. Artists bring buckets and shovels, pots and rakes, sticks and bones, bottle caps or string, shells or seaweed to make hair. They kneel in the sand, and, with bare hands,...

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Mexico Nights Ahau Tulum Hotel

At sundown, people in Tulum begin to congregate. From their tables in the dining area at Ahau Tulum, customers and friends watch the sun go down as the Caribbean Sea vanishes into dark. As sunlight dims, people leave the beach, wash away sand and suntan lotion,put on...

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Cupid’s Arrows watch out - here comes one

On the wall of a shop,these Cupid twins smile lustily, with a trace of the Devil in their expressions. Cupids are often cherubs with smiling faces, flowing blond hair,rotund bodies. They fly in the air with ease and are particularly in evidence in palace gardens where...

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Morning Vision setting out mannikins

Along the Hotel Zone main road in Tulum, Mexico there are diversions. There are small coffee shops that sell Mexican coffee, flavored with sugar, and delicious pastries for individual palates. Restaurants push seafood, Indian food, Italian, Chinese, Vegan and Mexican...

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Nature’s Ways an afternoon at the beach

   Rock colored birds face the wind so their bodies aren't scattered like bowling pins. Pelicans circle, dive, their pointed beaks becoming lances. Sea colors modulate,  Waves stir up sediment and seaweed. Fitting into nature, seamlessly, was what was...

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Net fishing – Video catching dinner

At dinnertime, a pelican begins his dive. He circles his target, turns himself into a projectile by tucking his wings to his body,and disappears head first into the surf. When he comes back to the water's surface, he shakes his wings and recomposes, a fish struggling...

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Yoga Shala Key bent but not broken

There are several postcards about keys on Scotttreks. There is one postcard on a Montevideo door lock and three keys that look the same. There is one postcard on a break and enter situation in Belize when Jack's renter doesn't leave a key and he has to get his AirBnB...

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