Scott’s Adventures in Belize

Dogs, Cats, Pigeons Central Square, Zona Colonia

There is always a plaza in these old historical centers, full of people and things to see and do. People who run the country work inside offices that surround the plaza, eat in restaurants on the corner, attend civic functions in the square, make business and romantic...

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Fishing from the pier in San Pedro Town Didn't catch a thing

This pier is at the end of the Perla Escondita Condos. With tomorrows departure looming, I find my Yo Yo, a bag of frozen shrimp, hooks and swivels and weights. It takes a minute to figure out how to cast. You unravel your line in little loops on the deck, gently pick...

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San Pedro Catholic Church During the week

The San Pedro Catholic Church fronts the Caribbean Sea in town, just like every other bar, restaurant, and lodging. As you walk the length of the beach you can look over a fence that separates church grounds from the beach and see cement seats and a statue of...

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Hol Chan Snorkel Trip to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize

We start on a clear day, end in a driving rain, complete a two hour guided tour of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, The fish are many, the coral reef is intact, and there have to be more snorkelers in this reserve than fish. I start my snorkel with ten fingers and ten...

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Coconut Jose selling water

This morning Jose scampers up a coconut tree on the Island Academy grounds and separates coconuts from their necks. They fall with a thud to the sand where he collects them, uses his machete to scalp them, then pours coconut water into plastic jugs that he sells for a...

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Night time in San Pedro Town in search of papusas

The papusa is an El Salvadorean snack. It is a grilled soft tortilla, much like a pancake, stuffed with chicken, pork, cheese, beef, cheese, and condiments. They are  $1.25 U.S. at this El Salvadorean restaurant in downtown San Pedro Town.  Night in San...

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Christmas Decorating Crazy Canuck's

As quick as Thanksgiving goes, Christmas is nipping at its heels. The girls at Crazy Canuck's, on a Friday afternoon, have opened cardboard boxes and are decorating. Stockings hang over the liquor shelves, tinsel is hung around the bar's ceiling, an upside down...

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J and J Laundry laundry day

When I travel light I look for a laundry first thing.  Down the street ,from Chez Caribe ,is my dirty clothes salvation. Kenny owns and operates the J and J Laundry with long hours- six days a week. You take your clothes, drop them off ,and Kenny, or one of his...

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Thanksgiving Turkey Day in Belize

Thanksgiving dinner falls into my lap. In the middle of a Walkaholics ramble, our group is invited by the owner of the Sandbar to a free annual Thanksgiving dinner at her bar and grill. It is something she likes cooking for and an appreciation to loyal...

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Construction Zone Legends Bar and Grill Grand Opening soon

Alcoholics can't walk by a bar without going in. Ministers can't hear church bells without reaching for their Sermon. Firemen change clothes at the smell of smoke. Construction workers can't avoid a construction zone. This has been a year of house rehabilitation so it...

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Heading Home Rainbow

The last rainbow gracing these postings was in San Jose, Costa Rica near the Hotel Aranjuez. This masterpiece is between Belize City and Ambergris Caye on the boat ride back from a tour of Lamanai, Mayan ruins in Orange Walk, Belize. Mother Nature sends us a parting...

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Belize – Lamanai Ruins Mayan Ruins at Lamanai

What I should have done was read about the ruins before I got here. Lamanai, which means submerged crocodile, is a Mayan city in the Orange District of Belize. It dates to the sixteenth century B.C. and was occupied into the seventeen hundreds A.D. It was a city...

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