Scott’s Adventures in Ecuador

Up in the Air back to the states

  When I get to the airport my plane home has already taken off an hour and a half ago. The change of my flight times was not picked up in an e mail from the airline to me so I am left grounded and have to purchase another ticket home. It is, after all is said...

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Street Food In the park

There are dining opportunities available this morning. These girls are carrying, on their heads, confections to sell in front of the New Cathedral to afternoon crowds the day after New Year. The mounds of whipped cream with ice cream cones stuck in the top, look like...

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Chalk Painting Support art and culture

Walking in the Cuenca Historical District wears your standards down. This is an old part of Cuenca and you gradually become accustomed to deteriorated appearances. After a few weeks you don't notice worn doorknobs, peeling paint, plaster coming off walls, windows with...

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Night Moves Well orchestrated chaos

The 31st of December begins quietly. As the day moves forwards it changes like your favorite radio station whose volume keeps increasing as the variety and quality of the songs gets better and talk gets more inflammatory. As night falls there are effigies being...

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Burning Man Video couldn't wait till dark

This affair starts early. Usually, people wait till dark to do their exorcisms, but this bunch has already laid their body in the street in front of a business and are stuffing papers down its pants. In a world of camera phones, nothing goes un-noticed and...

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New Year’s Eve in Cuenca Halloween revisited

Ecuador doesn't celebrate Halloween but they have New Year's Eve to take Halloween's place. Today there are bad spirits about. They are atop cars, seated in chairs in retail stores, looking down from balconies, slumped on curbs and grouped near churches. Some are...

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Ecuador Mural for the tourists

Down from the Moreno bridge, this wall mural gives a quick lesson on Ecuador. All the familiar Ecuador themes are presented in public here. There is a Panama hat that bobs its way through Cuenca. The making of Panama hats goes far back into Ecuadorian history. Oddly,...

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Andres Arizaga Cordero Viaje Interrumpido

This exhibit is in a Cuenca city government supported gallery, Salon del Pueblo, next to the Don Colon Restaurant, across from the New Cathedral. The artist is a teacher of art locally. He was born in Cuenca. His art is stark and grotesque but his drawing technique is...

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Christmas Baby Coming out of the New Cathedral

On the 24th of December there is a massive Christmas parade through downtown Cuenca. On the 25th of December, the day officially celebrated as Christ's birthday, there is a much smaller and simpler celebration at the New Cathedral across from the Parque Calderone....

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Cuenca Work Out New twist on the stairs

People work out. Some walk, some run, some drink beer, some play golf. Others go to the weight room or swim. Old men like to play softball under lights at night and dancing is loved by couples who wouldn't put on a pair of running shorts but will squeeze their body...

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Sunrise Cafe Cuenca ex-pat hangout

You go down Luis Cordero all the way to Calle Larga, make a right, go mas y meno two blocks and look right, and you are at the Sunrise Cafe Cuenca. The Sunrise Cafe Cuenca is a hangout for ex-pats. It is a comfortable mom and pop place with good prices, basic local...

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Birdwatching San Sebastian Park

After people watching, bird watching is one of the world's favorite pastimes. Birdwatchers travel the globe, stand in swamps, dress in camouflage, take pictures and write bird sightings in little books, and swear there is nothing better. In this city the most common...

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