Scott’s Adventures in Colorado

Llamas Larkspur, Colorado

Llamas are a working animal in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and other high Andes South American countries.  Llama wool keeps locals warm and you can buy llama sweaters, caps and blankets in open markets in Otavalo, Ecuador as well as other marketplaces in the Andes....

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House Car Home Sweet Home

This home on wheels was originally owned by a couple from Louisiana who traveled from town to town with a carnival. They sold kewpie dolls and prizes, and, as far as we know, lived as happy as the Old Lady who lived in a Shoe. Inside, it is roomy enough for a couple...

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Paint and Body Shop, Colorado Thom's Place

Metal can be cut, bent, welded, bolted, folded,stacked,sanded,smoothed. It can make incredible sculptures or just simple brackets. Protected from water, it lasts hundreds of years. Made from Earth's minerals, steel is still a prime building material for our twenty...

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Weston’s 1960 El Camino Going for a paint job

This car is no longer a car. It is a piece of family history. In high school, Weston started banging out its dents, measuring from A to B, searching the internet for alternators and chrome. In college, he was home for holidays and fashioned new panels to replace...

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Last Payphone in America calling Doctor Who

Doctor Who has the most unique phone booth in the Universe. but on our way back to Creede, Colorado, Richard's idea is to stop and pay respects to one of the last pay phones in America. On site, Richard and I both pick up the phone and listen to the dial tone to...

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No Whining Tools of the Trade

This exterior wall is hung with mining mementos. There are picks, shovels,axes, some wrapped with gauze, injured from too much use. There are scythes, traps for animals, lanterns, hammers, levels and long thick nails used to secure railroad ties upon which cars...

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Bathroom Walls Road Stop

The bathroom is the most private room in our house. We don't invite people over to have a beer in our bathroom and it isn't the first part of the house we show guests. On the walls of Freemon's restaurant bathroom ,between Hermit's Lake and Creede, Colorado is a...

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Wind Sock Boogie – Video Coffee and doughnuts are ready

This wind sock, inflated early, has arms flailing and a big smile on its face. Creede hasn't awoken yet, but June, the lady that lives in her parked Tiny House and sells food from her trailer cafe, is cooking already, at eight in the morning.  " I like your...

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Old Mining Town Creede, Colorado

Creede was established in the late eighteen hundreds. At the north end of town is a silver mine that has become a museum. Running through the middle of town is a river that carried mining sludge into the valley below that is now being reclaimed by environmentalists....

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North Clear Creek Waterfall- Video Colorado High Country

This isn't Niagra Falls or Victoria Falls, but it is a waterfall nonetheless. At North Clear Creek River, Colorado, we walk down a dirt path that ends at the river and a fifty foot drop. The river rolls to the edge of the drop, then tumbles over and smashes into the...

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Shipping Container Cabin Hermit's Lake, Colorado

This eight foot by forty foot shipping container, with red primer and dents, has been around the world. Buried in the hold, it has braved fierce winds in the Magellan Straits, turned north at the Cape of Good Hope, waited in line to traverse the Panama Canal, slid by...

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Hummingbird Breakfast Morning snack

At seven in the morning, South Fork, Colorado is Closed and a sleeping place to quickly tiptoe through. The Rainbow Grocery, down from the Rainbow Motel, opens at seven this morning. The Rainbow gas station, next to the Rainbow Grocery, is open but their coffee is not...

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