Scott’s Adventures in Haiti

Jenny’s Selfie for all to see

When I eat breakfast with the kids, i sit with Diana, Jenny, and Hannah, an intern at Ms. Sue's. This morning the girls want to see pictures on my phone and flip through the camera roll.  Kids like to see pictures and really like to see pictures of themselves....

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Small Steps Laundry day

The washer and dryer at Ms. Sue's starts early in the morning and ends late at night.  With forty two kids, clothes get dirty and, even with throw away diapers, there is hardly time to wash dry,fold, and hang. Some of the clothes are hand washed in buckets in the...

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Tree of Life photographs

In a hallway to the tv room, on a wall in front of the boy's dorm, is a tree with kid's photos hanging like fruit. These photo's were taken some years back and the children have long since outgrown their photos, each day becoming something new, their emotions taking...

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Haiti Made in the neighborhood

Haiti Made is a local Cafe and Gift Shop. If you walk outside the Christianville front gate, past the security man sitting in a chair with a weapon by his side, you can make a quick right and follow a single lane road into the countryside. Less than a quarter mile,...

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Which Haiti is real? perception

There are competing perceptions of Haiti. There is the portrayal, in its art, that Haiti is a rural place of simplicity, order, old ways, peaceful, a collage of beautiful colors, shapes, and sounds. This is the Haiti that Gauguin would have painted had he sailed to...

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Where am I? Quick facts on Haiti

  When you travel, you meet reality. Haiti shares its island with the Dominican Republic. Haiti speaks French and the Dominican Republic speaks Spanish. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere while the Dominican Republic is a tourist...

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Good Water deep well in the countryside

Outside the front gate of Christianville, you take an immediate right to go to Haiti Made, a local cafe, coffee and smoothie shop run by Americans. An eighth of a mile down the rock strewn, bumpy, water puddled lane, that barely makes a foot path, is the landmark Old...

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Trimming Trees machete work

A phone call has been made to get this work started. This workman uses a ladder to climb up into the tree branches,and, with deft strikes, his machete becomes an ax and tree limbs come down with a crash. This crew of four has spent half a day trimming trees and...

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Sunday Morning Worship – Video singing hymns

It is Sunday morning. Sun squeezes through delicate spider webs by an old stump. Water seeps through screw holes in the tin roof of the guest house. Children sing songs at Ms. Sue's. When you have little, you tend to be happy with what little you have. Small things...

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Kids, Kids, Kids At breakfast and at Play

The kid meter is shaped like a stop signal with green,yellow, and red lights. When the green light is on there are bursts of positive energy. Kids seek like minded playmates and act out dramas the length of the dining room. They stay out of each others way and, like...

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Tarantula a survivor

In the 1950's, the world was in a Cold War. Yet, there was hot atomic testing with Pacific atolls being blown into non-existence and school children crawling under their desks at a school bell.  Russia and the United States were headbutting and angry rhetoric...

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Eggs one hundred for breakfast

Eggs come from a local source and are delivered when ordered. There are 30 eggs to a flat and ten flats to this stack which makes three hundred eggs. It sounds like a multiplication word problem from one of the kid's math workbooks stored in a plastic crate on the...

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