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Rigo’s Truck Embudito Canyon, Albuquerque

We follow our chosen trail, turning and twisting, finding footholds in granite boulders to take us further up a sandy small arroyo lined with brush.  It is Saturday and most hikers are still in bed. Deer gnats, fierce this time of year, must have partied late...

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Sunflowers and Winston Requiem for Winston

  This morning, in the rough, I don't look for my errant drive. One of our foursome's little dog, Winston, was bit by a rattler and died on another course a few weeks ago. A golf ball,even a new one, is not worth coming face to face with a viper. Winston never...

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Demolition Manzano High School Gymnasium

In 1965, this gym was state of the art.  It had locker rooms for boys and girls, a weight room, offices for the coaches. It had polished hardwood floors on the basketball court, wood bleachers that could be rolled out or in depending on event requirements. In the...

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Snake Country Santa Ana Golf Course, Albuquerque

Golf is not a dangerous sport except to your ego. It is not leaping out of an airplane with a small chute to land you safely. It is not driving a race car around curves over two hundred miles an hour. It is not getting tackled by a three hundred and fifty pound...

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Golf in a Cow Pasture Chasing Par

River Falls is a make believe golf course in a cow pasture not far from the Texas Palo Duro Canyon. This area has been transformed from grazing to ranchettes. With an airport, five acre lots, utilities and roads, the development attracts people with money who want to...

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Driving Range Rainbow Los Altos Golf Course

Los Altos Golf Course was built in the 1960's, at Eubank and Lomas. Owned and operated by the City of Albuquerque, this public links course is open to all. In an age of dwindling play, escalating water costs, cries of environmental ruination., golfers still suit up in...

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Football Wars Between the goalposts

Old men plot wars in back rooms and give speeches. Young men hold rifles and die on the battlefield. Football is an American preoccupation and between the goalposts this evening plays out a game that has referees and it's own set of rules. Halftime is minutes away and...

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Skeleton Golf Golf till you drop

Even with electronic resistor arms, this  golfer gift from Joan looks like a pro. Golfers are always interested in golf technology, the science and art of making golf balls fly further, bite on the green, hold their line before they are lost in the brush, or...

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Cock Fights in Mogpog to the end

Excitement builds during the week . As Sunday afternoon grows close, the roosters crowing takes on more urgency. On Sunday afternoons, a stadium in a local neighborhood opens for business and men pay for permits to fight their birds. A cage in the middle of the...

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Pool Anyone? Mogpog pool hall

Night in Mogpog is deathly quiet.  There aren't discos, bars, movie theaters, bowling alleys, shopping malls,casinos, resorts,diversions.  Tonight, our diversion is shooting pool at Bernie and Elizabeth's. The tables are in good shape but some of the pool...

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