Getting Around

Mother Road Route 66 through New Mexico

  Route 66 is the most famous United States highway that joined others to became the U.S. Interstate Highway system that linked our 50 states, made remote places accessible, let restless spirits roam to where they belonged, spawned a history of music, posters,...

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Cumbres Toltec Railroad- Video Back to yesteryear

Highway 285 winds it's way through Espanola, Ojo Caliente, Tres Piedras, Antonito, and eventually Alamosa, Colorado. Another way to see this high country is riding a narrow gauge railroad that runs from Antonito, Colorado to Chama, New Mexico and back. This narrow...

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Flight Tracker Tokyo to Minnesota

On the back of the airplane seat, directly in front of me, is an entertainment console with music, movies, and diversions.. If I hit a flight tracker button on the console, I can see the path of my current flight in midair, wind speed, plane speed, miles traveled,...

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Escalator Selfie Haneda Airport, Japan

This tunnel is well lit. Some tunnels are rabbit holes, some filled with pack rat vaults. Some tunnels are underground, dark and womb like, leading to gold and silver leprechaun caches. Some tunnels are constructed with giant boring machines, go under seas and through...

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Tokyo Train Narita Airport to Haneda Airport - Japan

There were trains for getting around before there were planes. You have to walk before you can fly. The first trains were big, lumbering, uncomfortable, dark, and were powered by men shoveling coal into fireboxes to heat water and using the created steam to turn gears...

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Marinduque to Manilla return boat ride

The nautical miles click by and Marinduque disappears. The Philippines move into memories, that funky place where facts get forgotten, emotions get heightened, truth gets obscured, and we turn experiences into what we want them to be instead of what they really were....

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Jeepneys transportation specials

The most common vehicles on Marinduque are bikes, tricycles with a cab, tribikes with a cab, motorcycles, and jeepneys. Jeepneys are the most colorful and most used on narrow winding mountain roads that take a traveler three or four hours to go around an island that...

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Boat Ride Marinduque, Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago of islands bound together by language, culture, history, southeast of China,north of New Zealand and Australia. There are over a hundred million people who live here and over seven thousand islands. Tagalog and English are taught in...

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Kite Surfing – Video play in the day

Kite surfing is here to stay. On this beach there is wind, day and night, a big plus for a kite surfer. Lounging in beach bars, you can feel wind hitting your face, hear palm fronds rustle, watch lizards on tree trunks lifting up on their front two legs to see...

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Search and Rescue Sikorski Utility Helicopter

Outside Hanger One at the Pima Aircraft Museum, in a dirt field, helicopters, prehistoric looking birds with rotating wings, are on display. This Sikorski Utility helicopter was used at U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue stations in the seventies. On night duty in...

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Train Station Rincon West Railroad

Most people love trains. Just to the southeast of the main office at Rincon West RV Resort,in Tucson, runs the Rincon Railroad. Sitting on a little hill, train conductors sit in lawn chairs with wireless controllers and run their trains through their make believe...

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