Scott’s Adventures in Florida

Pompano Beach/Florida Working class beach

Fort Lauderdale is to Pompano Beach as Cadillac is to Ford. Fort Lauderdale has location, money, reputation, retirees. The boulevards are a little bigger, the canals a little deeper, the yachts a little bigger, the bling a little brighter, the stories much much more...

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Chocolate Mousse/Mob Bar night snacks

According to Ruth, we are in a Mob Bar. Everyone in the place is well dressed and it is questionable whether I should be let inside with Levis, a nice dress shirt, hiking shoes and uncombed hair. South Florida is a place with comfortable weather this time of year and...

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Florida/Fountain of Youth Coral Springs- The Walk

Florida is close to being underwater. It is incredibly flat, incredibly wet, incredibly dense with vegetation, increasingly populated by people coming to paradise to restart lives, escape boredom, find wealth and prosperity, or just escape the cold. In the summer the...

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South Beach/ Beach On the beach at South Beach

South Beach is like beaches in the Caribbean. The sand is white and grainy and blue beach umbrellas blow in the wind like the tops of stir sticks in one's Pina Colada. Some brave souls wade in the water even though it is colder this time of year. Bodies are spread...

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South Beach/Halloween Fairy Wings

For all I know, people who live, visit and work in South Beach look this way all the time. It is the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday and skies are threatening rain. One side of Ocean Drive is dedicated to tourists and locals who want to walk, ride bikes, stroll...

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South Beach/ Art Deco South Beach Art Deco

Stuck in Miami, it is suggested by a hotel desk clerk that a visit to South Beach would be worth doing. Catching a taxi is the quickest way to get there. For thirty bucks each way, you get a local taxi drivers music, pictures of his familia swinging from the rear view...

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Halloween Breakfast/ Hotel Element Miami Hotel Element

The Hotel Element is close to the Miami International airport. A standard room has a refrigerator, a color flat screen TV, acceptable wi-fi, hot and cold running water, a door that locks, a clean bathroom, clean sheets, and, especially important in Florida, air...

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