For all I know, people who live, visit and work in South Beach look this way all the time. It is the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday and skies are threatening rain. One side of Ocean Drive is dedicated to tourists and locals who want to walk, ride bikes, stroll hand in hand down a concrete promenade that parallels the Atlantic Ocean. The other side of the street is left to those who want to eat, drink and be merry. This afternoon there are cobwebs and skeletons as far as my eye can see. You can bet this scene will be crackling this Halloween night – like a light bulb in a power surge. The girls are already being party girls but an older man takes the cake when he strolls down the sidewalk flaunting his bare butt. It is all in bad spirit and even hardened old timers seem pleased with this guy’s boldness, chuckling and saying  ” this is messed up. ” Girls, loving him, chase our bad boy down the sidewalk and pose with him while their boyfriends take their picture with him. What this says about their relationships is suitable for Cosmopolitan, or discussion on ” The View. ” This experience gives new meaning to the phrase ” End Times. ” Oceans, at the end of land masses,seem to bring the crazy out of people. I order a drink to meet this place half way.
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