Animal Stories

Camel Talk Smoking room, Santo Domingo Airport

Smoking has taken a beating in the United States. Most smoking in America has been banned from public buildings. All tobacco packaging has to contain true warnings that tobacco products are not good for your health. Tobacco is taxed at an exorbitant rate. Television...

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Museo of Rum In the Zona Colonia

Rum has been around for centuries. Columbus brought the first sugarcane to the new world, and, shortly after, the first sugar cane plantation, worked by slaves, was begun in the New World.  A trade route was begun with Europe bringing African slaves to the...

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Museo of Amber Zona Colonia, Santo Domingo

Pat reminds me to dig deeper on amber, highly valued by Kings and royalty way way back when we had Kings and royalty. Tunneling deeper, I start walking to the Museum of Ambar at 454 Calle Arzobismo Merino Street in the Zona Colonia. It is roughly four blocks from the...

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Dogs, Cats, Pigeons Central Square, Zona Colonia

There is always a plaza in these old historical centers, full of people and things to see and do. People who run the country work inside offices that surround the plaza, eat in restaurants on the corner, attend civic functions in the square, make business and romantic...

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Feeding Pigeons Zona Colonia

Homelessness is no stranger in urban environments. Disparity, economic and otherwise, is visible in older rougher parts of cities, worldwide,where no one with money wants to live. Urban flight has created downtown areas where people who have nothing sleep on sidewalks...

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Cooped Up Stan's Chicken House

Stan has had back yard chickens for a few years. They weren't something he wanted as a childhood dream, but his adopted kids wanted chickens so he built them a first rate coop, feeds them, keeps their cage clean, and can't kill them because his daughter would cry. "...

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Horned Toad Starbucks Parking Lot

Starbucks coffee is ubiquitous. For a couple of bucks for coffee I can mingle with tech savvy people who lean towards globalism, free healthcare for all, living wage checks from Uncle Sam, electric cars. The company's political stance doesn't mean I can't enjoy their...

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Llamas Larkspur, Colorado

Llamas are a working animal in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and other high Andes South American countries.  Llama wool keeps locals warm and you can buy llama sweaters, caps and blankets in open markets in Otavalo, Ecuador as well as other marketplaces in the Andes....

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Bird Bath Old Town, Albuquerque, 2018

This fountain stands in a plaza in Old Town and this morning, while Alan and I walk the square, local birds play and preen in the droplets. Birds enjoy water but they don't have soap dishes or towels. Their melodies sound so much better than my shower singing. From...

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