As soon as we say we haven’t seen any deer, we spot some. This family unit nips leaves off branches, ears cocked, knowing we were here long before we spotted them. Animals, these days, have issues caused by us humans encroaching on their territories. There are a whole lot more of us these days than them. I say a little prayer for them this morning as the sun comes over the Sandia’s and the humming of I-40 freeway traffic grows louder through Tijeras Canyon. It is currently bow hunting season and the bucks, not far from us, are at risk. I pray hunters this year are lousy shots. I don’t know, for sure, but I think I see a big buck pointing a big telephoto lens at me, getting closeups for his own Facebook page. Going through a hunting season as the target isn’t rewarding but these guys and girls seem pretty nonchalant considering the price on their heads. Hiking is always better when you see some nature. We pass these deer, in peace, and I can almost hear their sigh of relief. I’m not a deer, but even I too am wary of humans.  
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