You go down Luis Cordero all the way to Calle Larga, make a right, go mas y meno two blocks and look right, and you are at the Sunrise Cafe Cuenca. The Sunrise Cafe Cuenca is a hangout for ex-pats. It is a comfortable mom and pop place with good prices, basic local and American eating, and people coming and going. In the back is a huge room where friends get together on Saturday mornings to socialize but the room is open to anyone who wants to take a seat.  Breakfast is huevos rancheros in a way I haven’t had them before. They serve their plate with a scoop of guacamole, diced onions, fried potatoes, eggs over easy on a tortilla covered with homemade salsa. Frank, the waiter from Cuba who sells Cuban cigars on the side, keeps coffee coming and a lady next to me is studying lines for a radio play she is reading tomorrow.  There are families and kids here, as well as married couples and singles. Some of the old guys have gray hair, pony tails, and talk Bernie Sanders. Some of the women are grandmothers and talk about last night’s smoking date. In Cuenca, you do like Cuencanistas do.  This lady in red, walking in heels and checking her phone, is lucky. The sidewalk here is negotiable. Her bumps, even from across the street, don’t appear to need repair.
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