There are several postcards about keys on Scotttreks. There is one postcard on a Montevideo door lock and three keys that look the same. There is one postcard on a break and enter situation in Belize when Jack’s renter doesn’t leave a key and he has to get his AirBnB apartment ready for a new tenant coming soon. There is one postcard on a key found at an Albuquerque golf course parking lot, the key to the box of forgotten dreams. Now, there is one postcard on a bent key to room number 10 at the Yoga Shala in Tulum, Mexico. At the beach, you don’t have pockets. This key and its colorful leather chain fit comfortably around my neck.  The odd thing about this key is it’s severe bend.. It took a lot of not paying attention to do this kind of damage. Where this bend comes from is a story known to Angelique in the Yoga Shala office. She reminds me ,when I mention it ,that she has another key to my room if this one fails to work. In Mexico, there is no need to fix anything if it isn’t broken.  
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