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Asia in Sandstone Amarillo College Museum

Some sculptures are behind glass, others are open to visitors to peer at closely, peek at the small shadows in the creases of the faces. Some of the work is utilitarian, made to ornament balustrades and pillars. Other work stood in temples before kneeling worshipers....

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Sunday Church-Video At Washed by the Word Church, Albuquerque

Sunday's are predictable and that is not  bad. There is praise and worship, announcements, then expository teaching verse by verse, book by book. There are no frills, no topical sermons, no guest speakers, no videos. This Sunday we are serenaded by singers from a...

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Group Therapy

At the Marble Brewery, downtown Albuquerque, the stage is occupied. " Group Therapy, " has been on the set for half of their first set. They swing for the fences as patrons of the brewery sit outside at tables, balance conversation, watching kids, looking for future...

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Big Soul Band Sandra's School of Dance, Albuquerque, NM

B.S.B. are initials that don't stand for a secret government agency or a medical procedure. They stand for the Big Soul Band. Tonight, Chadd and Ryan's band plays music at a local dance club. Dancers spin like the little plastic bride and groom on a wedding cake. They...

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Zoltar The Future only costs a dollar to see

On my way down a narrow hallway to the restroom in the Clines Corner Travel Center, Zoltar accosts me. " Would you like to know your future, " he asks? On my way out of the rest room I push a dollar up to a little blinking light on the front of Zoltar's . Ever so...

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It’s the Feeling, Man! Jazz

On Saturday mornings, the New Mexico Jazz Workshop jam is in order. Open cases are spread on the floor, Real Books rest on stands,metal folding chairs have been unfolded, coffee is okay outside the rehearsal room, guitarists plug in amps, sax players suck on reeds,...

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Flamingos A long way from home

Flamingos are often seen in front yards as plastic yard ornaments, or double as stir sticks in fancy lounge drinks. They appear on women's T shirts, art posters, golf shirts and pendants. They are cute water floats in baby swimming pools This evening, the Albuquerque...

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Night at the Marble Brewery Concert

  Tonight, at the Marble Street Brewery, in Albuquerque," Group Therapy" rocks. They rock with rock and roll, blues, jazz , Latin, boogie woogie, funk, and some gospel  to change the mood. With the sun plummeting, this brew pub's tanks look heavenly. Food trucks,...

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Standing On The Corner Winslow, Arizona

An Eagles hit in the early 70's was titled " Take it Easy. " "Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona" was a lyric that became a real park at the Corner of Kinsley and East 2nd Street in the real town of Winslow. Winslow isn't big, just a small town on old Route 66...

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Storage Wars Moving paintings

Paintings come in all sizes according to the shape of an artist's vision.  Many artists begin painting using small pre-stretched canvases you can buy at Hobby Lobby, then matriculate to larger sizes, stretch and staple their canvas over manufactured frames, gesso the...

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Horsing Around Alan's cookie jar

In the 1950's, Patsy Cline was the premier country western singer. Her lyrics mirrored those of today; broken relationships, falling in and out of love, working for a living, heartaches and headaches. She was talked up in the tabloids, wore clothes as far removed from...

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