At this point, with almost seven hundred posts, thousands of photographs, almost a hundred videos, and five years on line as Scotttreks, it seems like a Dedication is due. Many, if not all, literary works, art, music, drama and dance presentations have dedications, moments at the front of the effort that recognize significant influences on the person who has taken the time and effort to put things out there for others to enjoy, analyse, pan, or profit from.. Sometimes it is a wife, children, teachers and mentors who get the nod. Sometimes it is personal secretaries and editors who help ideas get to a place they can be loosed on the world, Sometimes dedications are to God, Muses, spirits and traditions There are plenty of places and people to dedicate Scotttreks too,but it seems right to thank my parents for giving me their name, their attention, their love and concern. While they haven’t put the words in my mouth or on  paper, haven’t suggested what I do or don’t do, they  always wanted the best for us that we could make for ourselves.  This little blog, with places still to go and time left to go there, is dedicated to Julia Ann and James Lowell. I like to think they are reading the blog, wherever they are, happy that I am happy writing it.  
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