What’s to Eat

Turkey Time A Day of Thanks, 2018

Pots and pans are on the stove, the table has been set for three, a Butterball Turkey browns in the oven. It took four hours for this bird to cook and slicing it up on the kitchen counter means dinner is close. We all have things to be thankful for if we look hard...

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Beth’s Bar and Grill Benkleman, Nebraska

This might be Beth's Bar and Grill, but it might not be Beth who serves us. This morning our hostess, waitress, cook is a short, stubby, older looking than she is woman who wears house slippers and a blue apron. She screws up her face funny when she writes our order...

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StarBucks Break Coffee on skeleton crew

Halloween has crawled out of the grave for another year. At a local Starbucks, Freddie doesn't have to bone up on store policy, customer relations, or how to work the register. He hands out coffee and keeps his mouth shut because he rattles when he talks. This morning...

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Backyard Mushrooms After a Rain

After a big rain, these mushrooms appear in the back yard. This yard used to be dirt, stones, brush, debris, unused patio bricks, dead leaves and trash. There were overgrown vines, broken trellises and shrubs in need of water. A small tree was removed, litter raked...

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No Pets At the Marble Street Brewery

  Pets, in America, are more than pets. They are service dogs, companions, security.  At the Marble Brewery, the limits to their influence is written on step risers leading to the second floor of the downtown drinking establishment. It is only a matter of time before...

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Freeze Fat Brea, California

California watches itself in the mirror, measuring bulges, comparing outcrops, judging how one's image of self matches the truth in the mirror.  California worships young and thin but old successful people are the only ones with enough money for face lifts, tummy...

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Strawberry Patch In Los Angeles City Limits

Long term residents, going back to the 1940's and 50's, who are still alive, talk about California being a Garden of Eden. " Down that street, " one says, ": there were acres and acres of orange trees..... " " And grapefruits as big as your head, " another chips in at...

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Truck Food Five in the Morning

This Big Rig comes once a week at four in the morning loaded with stuff for our local McDonalds franchise. Day shift employees shuttle boxes on dollies into the storeroom, not even done by five a.m. when the Icon's doors open to senior customers who are awake all...

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3 Cups a Day Drink till you drop

The saying used to be " An apple a day keeps the Doctor Away. "  In 2017, there were 27,339 Starbucks stores globally.  Back in World War 2, coffee kept pilots awake on long flights to targeted cities, helped wives and girlfriends who watched the postman walk up to...

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Horsing Around Alan's cookie jar

In the 1950's, Patsy Cline was the premier country western singer. Her lyrics mirrored those of today; broken relationships, falling in and out of love, working for a living, heartaches and headaches. She was talked up in the tabloids, wore clothes as far removed from...

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Hummingbird Breakfast Morning snack

At seven in the morning, South Fork, Colorado is Closed and a place to quickly drive through. The Rainbow Grocery, down from the Rainbow Motel, opens at seven. The Rainbow gas station, next to the Rainbow Grocery, is open but their coffee is not worth a pause much...

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Eggs one hundred for breakfast

Eggs come from a local source and are delivered when ordered. There are 30 eggs to a flat and ten flats to this stack which makes three hundred eggs. It sounds like a multiplication word problem from one of the kid's math workbooks stored in a plastic crate on the...

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