Back in ancient days, cave men only had fires to keep them warm, and the skins of animals fashioned into clothes. We doubt  all the women looked like Raquel Welch, but then the men weren’t Brad Pitts either. Both sexes must have found something to like about the other though because we are still overpopulating the planet. Last night, the electricity went out and all I had was a phone that worked on batteries, a flashlight with batteries, and some matches.  Sitting in the dark, I Googled the Public Service Company of New Mexico, after checking my circuit breakers in the garage, and confirmed there was a power outage in my part of the city. Sitting in the dark without electricity, not hearing your refrigerator work hard to keep your stuff from spoiling, the living room was very very dark, I kept thinking about those old ancients huddled around their fires, back in caves, looking out the door of their homes, with no doors, at a great star filled sky with no plausible answers for what created it, except for a God, or Gods.  The only thing I know about electricity is that it works when you flip a switch, or plug something into an outlet in the wall. It runs our world. Sitting in the dark with cell phone in hand, I read about coronovirus and realize we could have it much worse. When the power goes off, we aren’t a whole hell of a lot better than those cave men.  
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