Food is always popular, with people; talking about it, selling it, growing and raising it, trading recipes, criticizing it’s taste and preparation, perfecting its creation, enjoying it with a fancy wine or domestic beer. With lots of restaurants and eating establishments closed in our community, those of us who don’t have cooking interests, or skills, fend for ourselves. In honor of our current American lock down, due to a mysterious virus from the East, tonight’s meal is a chicken pot pie, prepared and sold by Marie Callender, in a local Smith’s grocery, for $2.79 plus tax. Slipping it into the microwave for ten minutes, with two minutes to cool down, it makes a dinner, not too much to give me nightmares, but enough to make me feel full and sleep when I turn in. ” Why do you have to write about a chicken pot pie, ” some might laugh? I can only say that Scotttreks writes out of the moment, and this moment belongs to Marie’s pot pie. This pie has a crust many bakers would kill for, is chock full of meat and veggies, and is so much cheaper and better than I could cook on my own if I had too buy all the ingredients. We had these when we were growing up, but they were cooked by our mother, who was a master chef without the title. Taking a few photos of the pie, and looking at it, as I eat, convinces me, that, even after this lock down becomes history, my eating habits have changed, forever. Eating light, and eating at home, is a money saver. Because I live in a city, far away from where people raise and grow food, I get a little jumpy in times like these. What do us city folks do when we can’t buy a pot pie, or chicken, or pasta, or fruit, in our stores? When that happens, revolution is just around our corner. All this national drama, twisting around me like a tornado, makes this pot pie, this evening, much more important than it should be. Food gets more important as it becomes harder to get.  
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