Working For a Living

Museo of Rum In the Zona Colonia

Rum has been around for centuries. Columbus brought the first sugarcane to the new world, and, shortly after, the first sugar cane plantation, worked by slaves, was begun in the New World.  A trade route was begun with Europe bringing African slaves to the...

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Hand rolling cigars in DR-Video In the Zona Colonia

The little room entered through a small corner tobacco shop in the Zona Colonia has four men inside. One is reading the paper, another is watching the cigars being made, two are working - making cigars, by hand, one at a time.  " He is muy rapidio, " I remark. "...

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Street Empanadas One street over from Calle Estrellita

Every time I pass, I see customers at this little empanada stand - ordering their empanadas, sitting in these plastic lawn chairs,visiting, stopping a moment in life, standing, moving away, replaced in moments by someone else. It is all very random. The process is...

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Dirty Laundry four blocks away

Dirty laundry catches up with all of us. Only bringing a carry on bag, and wearing most of my clothes more than a day, I have run out of clean. In my neighborhood, this lavenderia takes my clothes in the morning, gives me a receipt, hands my clothes back clean, folded...

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Trip to Sanoa Beach From Santo Domingo

Those going on this day trip from Santo Domingo to Sanoa Island start at the Pizzerelli Pizza Palace at one corner of the Parque Colon at six forty five in the morning. There is virtually no one on the street this morning when I walk here, but, at the pizza place...

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Shoe Problem Impossible to clean

These are a pair of Scott's work shoes from when he used to work hard. Instead of being covered with paint, which was Scott's income when public school teaching became intolerable,one of these shoes has residue from floor tile adhesive on one toe. Not fussy about work...

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Fixing a Leak Plumbers are needed

The main water supply line from the street to the house is accessible from the narrow sidewalk in front of the house. You lift a little metal door in the sidewalk tiles and are faced with a leaking coupling that joins the city part of the water line with the...

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Police Band Zona Colonial Plaza Santo Domingo Event

The last police band i saw was in Cuenca, Ecuador at a celebration for ex-pats and foreign business development in Ecuador. This Santo Domingo events aim is to support women and fight domestic violence in Latin America.This police band provides entertainment. There...

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Men at Work Santo Domingo, Zona Colonial

For those who have trouble putting up a shelf on the wall, someone had to built the house you live in, the car you drive. Someone had to educate your kids, grow the food you eat. Someone in the background has to mow your lawn, do your tax forms, listen to your heart,...

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Talking Man Newerk Airport

We listen to a lot of talking heads but this guy actually makes sense. He is the perfect employee, as long as there is electricity and a place to plug in. ..

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