ATM’s have become many people’s money solution. They are in countries all over the world and you can get cash in countries where no one speaks English and all the writing looks like hieroglyphics. The ATM’s accept debit and credit cards, let you make deposits, check balances and transfer money across accounts.They are open twenty four seven and have small service fees. There is a phone number to call if something goes haywire but we all hope we don’t ever have to call because talking to customer service techs in India is dicey. This simple, hand penned sign, by the ATM, is a plea for help. It was left leaning against a wall behind a trash barrel, so one guesses the writer got money and did take his Sister for a nice meal at the local Jack in the Box. This sign promises your money will be spent on food rather than drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or other vices. Whether we should trust what we read, because the writer asks us too, is a great leap of faith. The only thing that seems questionable in this plea for help are the letters, ” No B.S. ” I wouldn’t have written that, if it was my sign. When someone tells me ” No, B.S..” there is usually plenty of it that follows.  
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