Haiti Made is a local Cafe and Gift Shop.

If you walk outside the Christianville front gate, past the security man sitting in a chair with a weapon by his side, you can make a quick right and follow a single lane road into the countryside.

Less than a quarter mile, past the Old Well, you drop in to Haiti Made, grab a smoothie and visit with locals and foreign tourists.

Displayed on tables,walls and pallets are handmade items made by local men and women who are part of a craft co-operative.

Jan is in court today and works the register, takes orders, meets friends who come in with pitches for various community projects. There are Americans living in Haiti and many have Christian intentions. 

Love and Grace are operative words today and the smoothies are smooth. My favorite is banana cherry, but some of the kids like banana peanut butter, or cherry lime. They are all made with real fruit.

On this hot afternoon, with heat rising and the feel of rain in the air, going to Haiti Made makes a good comma in another long drawn out Faulkner sentence about hope and fear in a desolate Garden of Eden.


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